Ed A. Wilson, Inc. was founded by Fort Worth native Ed A. Wilson, Sr. Mr. Wilson entered the home construction business in the 1940s. In 1956, Mr. Wilson incorporated his business as Fine Homes, Inc. As the focus of the business shifted to commercial construction Ed A. Wilson, Inc. General Contractors was formed. Mr. Wilson was soon joined in the business by his two sons, Ed, Jr. and Jerry, who are the current owners of the firm. Ed, Jr., who received his BS in Architectural Engineering from Texas A & M and an MBA from TCU, became President of EAW, Inc. in 1962. Jerry, who received an Architectural Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin, joined the firm as Vice President in 1967. The two Wilson brothers represent close to one hundred years of general contracting expertise.

Any business that has survived and thrived for five decades can look back at a legacy of hard work and having done many things well. EAW is no exception. Three significant traits characterize EAW